You have bought a robot to increase your production lines’ efficiency, improve the quality of your products, provide a better working environment for your employees, and increase your profitability. However, what you didn’t expect were all the complicated and often costly regulations that went along with a robot’s ownership.

We have done the worrying for you and made guarding that is simple, intuitive, cost-effective and conforms to ANSI/RIA standards.

Welcome to RageWire — the Robotic Automation Guarding Evolution!

RageWire keeps it simple with the entire product line comprised of one standard panel (5′ wide), universal posts (6′, 7′, 8′ tall), one bracket, two door options, and electric interlock integration. 

5 Basic Components of RageWire

What makes RageWire different?

  • V-bend mesh panel design adds strength and rigidity to the system, along with a built-in, recessed cable management cavity
  • Unframed panels allow for easy field modifications 
  • Saddle pocket brackets provide a quick panel lift-out system for machine access and fast panel reengagement
  • The unique pivot post design allows for easy management of corners with 160° of rotation
  • 1.25” x 4” wire mesh opening conforms to RIA/ANSI Standards allows for a 17.5” distance to hazard
  • All hardware comes secured to the bracket and will not disengage upon impact
  • 4″ sweep space for easy cleaning access
  • Swing and slide doors incorporate with Fortress interlocks for a secure system
  • universal post design allows for easy mounting of photo eyes and light curtains

We understand buying a protective guarding cage for your robotic investment is a “have to.” Our goal is to make this process simple—plant a post, then hang a panel. We made it as seamless and cost-effective as possible.

RageWire — the most intuitive robotic guarding system!

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