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Industry Recognition

SpaceGuard Products has earned the prestigious MVS (Most Valuable Supplier) Award for 2023. The MVS Award is granted by the industry’s trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association), to less than 5% of the Association’s member companies.

This is the seventh year that SpaceGuard Products has earned the MVS Award. This industry Award recognizes companies who have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to their dealer network, their employees, and their community.


Ben Pike

I want to thank you and your team for working with us on this project.

We are complete with the install (pending gate hardware by others). Our crew complimented both the packaging and instructions and ease of install. I will send you some pictures as well.

We appreciate working with dedicated companies such as SpaceGuard and very much look forward to the next project.

Company: Metro Fence Company

Mid Middleton

Thank you!
Doing business with first-class suppliers like you makes doing business fun!

Company: Carolina Material Handling

Kevin Thompson

I want to thank ALL of you for the support you give us out here.

You do all the work for us up front, all we need to do is confirm, quote, then close. No other vendors send over drawings and a quote with details at the same time we get the lead. I checked on the timelines via email time stamps; SpaceGuard replied within 10 minutes of the customer’s quote request.  We had the initial quote in our hands the next morning. All of the work to this point takes lots of Time, Money, and Effort.

Thank you.

Company: Conveyor Solutions West

Bob Esteves

As a vendor, SpaceGuard has many qualities that help me off my customers what they need and want. Their sales representatives are responsive, knowledgeable and eager to help with both straightforward and unusual wire partition requirements. Quality products, good customer service and excellent lead times. They don’t shy away from special applications and offer additional color finishes as a standard.

I was able to get several repeat orders from a customer because they could provide their wire partition in a red finish quickly. Very impressed with the BeastWire partition line. Overall a great company to work with.

Company: Indoff

Mike Wicker

Hats off to SpaceGuard on the engineering of the BeastWire Mesh Rack Guarding.

I personally installed this system with no issues at all. Everything fit like a glove. Easy to install. System is very secure. Didn’t even have to touch up the paint.

My customer (Silicone Specialties, Inc.) is very satisfied with your—product.

Thank you Carri, for your sales support!

Company: Wicker's Inc.