Does your operation have problems with expensive tools or supplies accidentally or mysteriously walking off, such as specialty drillers, adaptors, hammers, drills, extension cords? Having to replace them regularly can drive up costs quickly. SpaceGuard Products has a solution for you—a tool cage or crib!

Our tool cribs or cages create a simple, secure environment, and with the inclusion of service windows, this allows employees to check out and return items. It also helps to manage these essential tools to reduce the cost of loss or theft, which can improve your year-end bottom line.

What about that small high-theft or quickly damaged items like cleaning supplies or warehouse LED light bulbs? Large cages are not always needed. Once again, we can help with either our woven or welded wire lockers that come in a variety of standard sizes—single, double, and triple tier in 6’, 7’, & 8’ heights. These lockers can provide that simple, cost-effective security you need for your operation.

Also, are you looking to secure your residential valuables in your condo or apartment? Our wire mesh tenant storage lockers provide a simple, yet affordable security solution. It allows for easy visual inspection while providing light and air flow to keep personal items dry and allowing for accessible fire suppression—making all fire marshal’s happy.

Contacts us today and let us help you secure those necessary internal items.

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