Drivers Cage to protect people from strangers walking around

At SpaceGuard Products, we believe that people—human capital—are a company’s greatest and most valuable asset, and it’s our business to protect them from accidental workplace accidents. Our unique product lines, such as BeastWire Rack Safety Panels or wire mesh caging around robotics and automated equipment can drastically reduce your risk of unwanted injury resulting in loss of productivity and money.

According to OSHA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accidents involving falls to a lower level cost employers over 5 billion dollars annually in the US alone.

BeastWire Rack Safety panels are designed to prevent products from falling off a bay of racking and landing on a passerby or moving equipment. These panels provide a hard stop for stored materials from falling into workstations, picking areas or aisleways where employees are working.

Wire mesh caging or fencing around robotics or automated equipment closes off the area and firmly establishes a set perimeter around them. These partitions keep unauthorized people from entering a potentially dangerous area where they may be unfamiliar with the operation of the robot or machinery.

BeastWire RailGuard on mezannines -And, how can we protect people from items accidentally projecting or falling through handrails on mezzanines? BeastWire RailGuard wire mesh infill panels and handrail systems prevent projectiles and other falling objects from exiting your elevated work platform at the handrail, catwalk, pallet drop area, and stairwell.

Additionally, SpaceGuard secures people from other people with the use of drivers cages or temporary holding cells. Drivers cages restrict visitor access into the building at the loading dock or other building entry points. These cages allow companies to limit non-employees from accessing areas of the building where safety or security is essential.

Temporary holding cells have various uses in government, military, campus security, police, border patrol operations, and stadium and arena areas. They contain people until they can be processed and moved along in the system.

Rack Safety Panels keeping aisleway clear

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