Our Mission

To create superior safety solutions and secured storage enclosures, ensuring value with exceptional customer support before, during, and after a sale.

People, technology, assets and expertise that work together to help our customers succeed.

SpaceGuard Products is a leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire partitions and area guarding products including wire mesh storage lockers, rack safety panels, aisle guarding, and mezzanine rail guarding. Our wire mesh partitions are available in both standard and custom sizes perfect for a wide array of uses including machine and robotic guarding, computer security cages in collocation and networking facilities, tenant storage lockers, tool cribs, DEA and pharmaceutical cages, and warehouse or retail security.

Our reputation begins with our exclusive UNI-MESH woven diamond mesh partitions which conform to Section 10605 specifications and is certified for DEA applications. In addition, SpaceGuard Products offers welded wire mesh partitions, combining added security and structural stability with easier installation in applications that require cut-outs.

SpaceGuard Products was formed in 1990 through the consolidation of Logan Wire Company and Ford Fence Company. With over 100 years of combined product experience, SpaceGuard Products is the most experienced wire company in the market today.

Our reputation begins with our FordLogan brand of woven diamond mesh partitions featuring our exclusive UNI-MESH design which ensures that it is the only product on the market with a true, 1-1/2” diamond opening across the entire panel. FordLogan is branded as a wire partition solution, but it is also designed for applications including window guards and railing infill panels found in just about any type of business you walk in today.

In March 2016, a new star was born in our family: BeastWire Mesh Guarding. We designed out redundancy and created a product that is universal in its construction and application. BeastWire replaced 5 separate product lines and drastically reduced the number of components we need to manufacture and warehouse so that we can deliver solutions quicker and more cost-effective.

Most importantly though, SpaceGuard is about people: not just guarding them with our products either. SpaceGuard is about the people on our team; the community in which we’ve thrived for the past the 30 years; and, the vendors and customers with whom we work. At SpaceGuard, we believe in working hard, but taking the time to celebrate and enjoy our successes.  We hope to earn your trust and loyalty in that very spirit.