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SpaceGuard Finishing Solutions is excited to announce that we are opening our new, state-of-the-art powder coating line to customers in the fabricated metal products sector. We are a powder coater of several metal substrates including steel and aluminum. Contact us for an immediate quote at

Our automated system is capable of handling metal substrates with a silhouette of 5” wide by 48” high by 216” long. The powder line includes a three-stage wash system, an automated booth in a controlled environmental room, and over 120 linear feet of conveyor travel inside our convection oven. Likewise, our line has been optimally designed with minimal turns and elevation changes to ensure a quality finish in the shortest processing time possible.

Also, SpaceGuard offers batch powder coating services for small volumes, large sizes, odd configurations, and a variety of other requirements. Our team will focus on your product to ensure that all thickness and curing requirements are within specification.

SpaceGuard Finishing Solutions is proud to lead with high-quality powder coatings from the Sherwin Williams product family. We are able to match any RAL color.

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