Pressure forming machine guard

SpaceGuard Products, along with our partners offer a wide array of engineering and support.

While wire mesh partitions, lockers, and other SpaceGuard offerings are not intended as load-bearing structures, we can provide seismic calculations and anchoring design to meet your project requirements. Similarly, we can provide engineering stamped drawings or calculations in every state. All fees are estimated for review before proceeding with any work.

The SpaceGuard engineering team can readily assist you with compliance and understanding of various codes and standards that govern the safety and use of our products. Our team can assist in choosing the correct mesh opening size for your machine or robotic guarding solution.

Our engineering team continues to improve our products and expand our offerings through innovative design. Whether it’s our (patent pending) Grrripper bracket, the only drop-in device for attaching safety containment panels, or netting to teardrop pallet rack, or the various lock and closing options, we’ve pre-engineered to fit our systems based on customer demands.

SpaceGuard Products also offers construction drawings (plan and elevation views) that provides the dealer, customer, and installer a detailed layout of the entire project, showing specific locations of posts, panels, doors, and more.

These drawings include any special detail instructions that are required of the installer for correct placement and/or attachment of materials and hardware. This is especially helpful when special size materials are being incorporated into the project.

As always, SpaceGuard remains on the leading edge of innovation in the safeguarding industry!

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