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We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that mass-produces several nationally recognized brands—FordLogan Woven Wire Mesh Partitions and BeastWire Mesh Guarding. We stock standard material for both brands which provides flexible configurations, cost-savings, and quick lead times for your project.

FordLogan Woven Wire Mesh Partitions are recognized as the industry standard and is typically included in most architectural specifications called for wire mesh guarding. It has a woven diamond mesh partitions that features our exclusive UNI-MESH design ensuring it is the only product on the market with a true, 1-1/2” diamond opening across the entire panel.

FordLogan is branded as a wire partition solution, but it is also designed for applications including window guards and railing infill panels found in most business today.

BeastWire Mesh Guarding was designed to remove redundancy in our product by consolidating five separate product lines into a universal construction and application. BeastWire reduced the number of components needed to manufacture and store so that we can deliver solutions quicker and more cost-effective.

BeasWire offers infinite solutions for all your security guarding and protecting needs. With our universal posts, panels, and simplified hardware, BeastWire products are easy to install without compromising the security or the integrity of our products.

BeastWire is a simple, modular system where only one type of panel is needed whether you’re building wire mesh cages, lockers, rack guarding, or mesh infill systems. We also give you secure and straightforward hardware to do the job right the first time.

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