AisleGuard Safety ProductsOver 95,000 people are injured each year due to forklift accidents. And, according to OSHA, the fatal injury rate for warehouse workers is higher than the national average for other industries.

But what can you do to avoid becoming a statistic?

AisleGuard Safety Products

At SpaceGuard we know there’s no one solution to eliminate all safety hazards. But, implementing our AisleGuard safety products and bollards, you can prevent many accidents from occurring before they even happen.

By creating a continuous area of protection in your warehouse, our AisleGuard is the perfect choice to protect your people, place, and property from motorized material handling equipment.

When it comes to protecting your associates, valuable equipment, and materials from forklifts, powered carts, AGV’s, and stackers, moving throughout your building, a dull yellow line on the warehouse floor just won’t cut it.

AisleGuard Specifications

Our AisleGuard railing comes in heavy duty, 10-gauge material.  To create protective barriers, the material attaches to 4” square posts which then welds to 5/8” thick, 10” square baseplates.  Also, we offer options for single, double or triple level railing with both drop-in or bolt-in place designs. As a result, we have a solution to fit just about any warehouse condition.


Now, what about protecting your loading docks and bays? By using bollards on either side of the bay, truck drivers have the visibility to back in a with safety.

Also, using bollards inside your warehouse around structural support can protect your building. Bollards can prevent accidental collisions from forklifts or other movable machinery.  Similarly, bollards placed in-corners around wire mesh drivers’ cages, tool cribs, storage cages, and modular or portable offices provide additional support for structures not supported by the main building.

Bollard Specifications

SpaceGuard bollards come in 6” and 4” diameter and are set on 10” square baseplates that are 5/8” thick to handle moderate impacts while protecting valuable assets.  Bollards are 40” tall and include the necessary hardware to surface mount them directly to your concrete floor quickly and easily.  With bright yellow paint, they are OSHA compliant and highly visible.

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