It’s a hot summer’s day, and you check-in on an install for one of your best customers. They ordered a BeastWire Tool Cage. And of course, you hired the best installers because it’s important that everything goes as seamless as possible.

    After signing in at the front desk, your customer hears your there and he flies around the corner, red in the face with his eyebrows curled together. He spits every other word as he screams.

    The installers assembled the door on the wrong side. He reminds you that he specifically said the access door needed to swing out and hinge on the left. The “blanketly, blank” installers you hired installed the door swinging in and on the right! He wants to know what you plan to do to fix it.

    “And, I won’t pay for another door! That’s on you!”

    You remain calm. You sold your customer a BeastWire cage with a universal door. You ask him to give you five minutes to speak with the install crew, and you assure him it’ll be taken care of in no time.

    “Five minutes that’s all you’ve got!” He pivots on his heels and takes off down the hallway.

    After talking with the installers, they immediately unbolt the door assembly, flip the door around and then re-bolt the hinged door on the left and set it to swing-out.

    A few minutes later after straightening your tie, you swagger into your customer’s office standing taller, and with arms stretched out you burst with, “All fixed!”

    You become a hero. You can do no wrong. Life is good again. You make salesman of the year and move to Bali! All because you ordered BeastWire with a universal door that can swing in or out and hinge left or right. You felt confident that if there were any problems, your installers could fix it on the spot.

    And you were right! Yeah to you!

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