SpaceGuard manages its own GSA Schedule GS-07F-9907H which we’ve proudly held since 1999. Controlling our contract allows us to prudently manage the detail and compliance requirements of the U.S. General Services Administration. These prices, available to Federal agencies as well as many other qualifying entities, are pre-negotiated and the most competitive we offer.

    What does that mean to our valued distributors?

    We can work closely with you and your customer on both wire mesh guarding solutions (SIN 361-10B), as well as installation (SIN-361-30).

    You heard that correctly!

    We can bid a turn-key solution through our schedule, while protecting you from outside bids attempting to capitalize on your efforts. SpaceGuard further handles all billing, and guarantees a timely payment of both commissions and installation charges.

    SpaceGuard also offers teaming opportunities through some of our most trusted government distributors. These partners of ours bring the distinct advantage of packaging SpaceGuard’s quality area guarding products with related solutions such as pallet rack, elevated work platforms, modular offices, and much more through their full range schedules.

    Contact our team today at gsa@spaceguardproducts. com to learn more. Already have an open project with the government? Perhaps we can help push it through prior to the end of the fiscal year this September.

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