Who’s Who At SpaceGuard—Carri Kaplan!

    Carri Kaplan, Customer Service Manager
    Carri Kaplan, Customer Service Manager

    Carri Kaplan—a devoted wife, mother of three, and a life-long resident of Jackson County—has been with the SpaceGuard family for over 6-years. Her career began on the factory floor as the Assistant Floor Supervisor. Later, she advanced to Leader of the Shipping Department and Powder Line. Eventually, Carri moved into the front office to manage the reception desk where she excelled in customer service. As a result, Carri was promoted to Customer Service Manager.

    With her experience in the factory and knowledge of our products, along with her friendly and welcoming demeanor, Carri has become the “go-to” person with many of our dealers and customers.

    Here’s what a few had to say—

     “We were shocked…pleasantly…at how fast Carri responded to our RFQ. And not only did she send us a price, but she also provided a layout and 3D drawing that we were able to pass on to the custome. So they were just as pleasantly surprised as we were.”—Glen Starks, FedSource

     “I want to thank you for following up on this with the freight company and the dispatcher. I know I can always count on you to see to the details.”—Lorraine Dittmer, Superior Support Co.


    If you need a quote and someone who will manage your request from beginning to end, email Carri—ckaplan@spaceguardproducts.com. She’ll take good care of you!