We all know that workplace accidents often happen due to the hustle and bustle of everyday business. Facility damage many times is caused by carelessness or not having the proper protections in place to protect your building.

    SpaceGuard Products offers solutions to protect your structural investments such as building walls and columns, utility boxes, conduits, HVAC, water lines, fire suppression systems, dock areas, and windows.

    When companies store products in rack systems that are highly flammable, their insurance carrier, NFPA, and the local Fire Marshal pay close attention. BeastWire Rack Safety panels can keep your company compliant with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA-13).

    Our wire mesh panels attach to the rack uprights in the flue space of back-to-back racking systems enabling the flue space to remain open. In the event of a fire, our wire mesh panels allow flames to vent up rather than out creating a vertical rise helping to slow down the horizontal spread. Sprinklers can reach burning material without obstruction.

    Steel mesh is far superior to nylon netting or plastic mesh because of its rigidity, which doesn’t allow items to expand into the flue space. Also, it’s not flammable like netting and will not dry rot over time.

    Another excellent use for SpaceGuard’s BeastWire Rack Safety panels is to protect your facility walls and infrastructure. Located along the building walls are utility and water lines, downspouts, HVAC ducts, and other items along with facility racks used for storage. By using our steel mesh containment panels off the backside of an upright, it prevents fork trucks from accidentally puncturing through the walls with the forks or worse, penetrating any utility items.

    And, don’t forget our AisleGuard protection for your building. Think of the devastation if a forklift unintentionally ran into a load bearing column or crashed through a portion of the building wall. Also, think about securing your dock areas with AisleGuarding, which can prevent forklifts from running into shipping offices, drivers’ cages (which SpaceGuard can provide) or staging areas.

    In today’s energy-conscious environment using natural lighting to reduce cost is essential. But windows create possible entry points for theft or a break-in at your facility. FordLogan Woven Wire Infill panels inserted into the window wells are excellent at guarding these entry points. FordLogan Infill panel solutions are designed to fit your windows while providing a practical, eye-appealing security solution.

    So, call us before the impact of unwanted accidents, facility damage, or theft causes your company financial hardship. We have customer service representatives ready to help.

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