Equipment used in manufacturing is an expensive capital investment. And, keeping personnel and moving equipment out of high-performing equipment areas, such as sortation machinery, stamping presses, robotic work cells, and packing areas, is essential to preventing injuries and damage to these expensive capital investments.

    Using SpaceGuard’s wire mesh and machine guarding around robotic and other machinery can prevent moving equipment or personnel from entering these workspaces and possibly causing damage to your facility or injury to the worker.

    Utilizing AisleGuards in front of the machinery or along production areas prevents moving equipment from encountering expensive machinery or workstations.

    Also, keeping high-traveled pedestrian and moving equipment traffic aisles safe and clear from falling overhead items on racks or elevated work platforms and mezzanines is crucial. The integration of SpaceGuard’s BeastWire Rack Safety Panels, RailGuard Wire Mesh Handrail Systems, and AisleGuarding can improve the safety of expensive machinery and equipment used in your facility.

    BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety Panels (steel mesh containment panels) prevents items from falling off the back or sides of racks into traffic aisleways, or work areas in and around the storage rack.

    RailGuard Wire Mesh Handrail Systems, used in place of traditional open style handrails prohibits tools, boxes, and other items from falling between the handrail onto the floor and work areas below—maximizing safety. Retrofitted panels are made to connect to existing open style railing systems. Likewise, on elevated work platforms, tall partition systems can be installed keeping stored products in these higher areas from dropping into space below.

    Additionally, using wire mesh panels at the end of a picking station along the mezzanine handrails can create a “back stop” to offer another level of protection for associates. These panels stood on end, can guard against accidental falls when working on a ladder or step stool allowing the employee to reach shelving that is above existing railing levels.

    AisleGuard steel guardrail barrier systems are designed to protect areas where moving equipment can damage expensive machinery, facility structure, and utilities.

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