Driver Access Cages: Making Your Warehouse Safe

    At SpaceGuard Products, we’re always focused on the safety of your facility. Our FordLogan and BeastWire Driver Access Cages are a simple solution that allow you to control access to your factory floor, distribution center, or any other building entrance. This is done by installing our 2 or 3 sided cages around entry doors, limiting the entry for truck drivers, delivery personnel and other vendors. Our Driver Access Cages are available for Quick-Ship in our standard sizes, or they can be custom ordered to fit your specific needs.

    Driver Access Cage - BeastWire

    Safety & Security

    You need driver access cages surrounding your building entry doors to protect your warehouse employees and to protect the visitors that are coming in through those doors. When unauthorized personnel enter your facility, they wander around looking for someone to sign a ticket or complete paperwork, and they’re not aware of the safety hazards, such as fork truck traffic areas.

    A driver access cage will confine a visitor to the entryway until someone greets them and allows them further access if necessary. Limiting access to your facility decreases the risk for accidents and protects your inventory. It’s a simple way to make your facility more safe and secure.

    Driver Access Cage Configuration

    The most common applications are two- or three-sided access cages, that can be built freestanding or anchored to the wall at the entryway. At SpaceGuard, you have options:

    FordLogan Woven Wire

    As part of our Quick-Ship program, FordLogan panels are constructed of 10-guage, woven wire, more commonly known as our UNI-MESHTM 1 ½” diamond pattern. The woven wire mesh panels are stocked in standard heights of 7’, 8’ and 10’, and in widths of one-foot increments.

    BeastWire Mesh

    Standard BeastWire Mesh panels are constructed of 10-gauge wire, welded in a 2″ square mesh pattern. Panels come standard in one-foot increments up to 10′ wide and 5′ high.

    Standard Features

    Driver access cages utilize our standard hinge door with the panic bar on the facility side to allow employees to exit at any time. You have many options for lock types. A common selection for our customers is to utilize a digital keypad to control employee entry from inside the cage. Another important feature is the service window. The service window allows employees to interact with visitors through the shelved window, without granting them access to the entire facility.

    Take the Next Step

    In a busy warehouse, your employees don’t have time to monitor each entrance and worry about visitors wandering your floor. Make their job easier and keep everyone safe by installing a driver access cage. Contact us today at 812.523.3044 and ask about our Quick-Ship program!

    Commando Lock

    SpaceGuard Products is excited to announce that we now offer the Military Grade Commando Lock which is used by the US Armed Forces worldwide. They are made in the USA and fit almost 95% of all applications.

    Commando Locks contain 10 security pins with the industry-leading anti-pick technology making them hard to pick. Also, they are constructed with steel alloy which means they are hard to cut.

    When compared to local hardware stores, Commando Locks are competitively priced and can be keyed at any hardware location.

    Make sure to ask for the Commando Lock on your next SpaceGuard Products cage or locker order! Contact us for a free quote.

    Download a Commando Lock Brochure

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    With our constant need for instant gratification, the way the world buys products is constantly changing. From downloading books directly to a Kindle or an iPad to Amazon testing drones to deliver goods within 20-minutes of ordering online in the UK, consumer expectations are evolving. We want what we want, and we want it now.

    But how does this impact warehouses and manufacturing plants?

    Currently, scientists have not been able to create more hours in the day – although who knows what the future holds. Remember the day when pausing live TV didn’t exist?


    BeastWire Rack to protect forklift paths

    Even on slow days, warehouses and manufacturing plants are active and dynamic places. With the demand for next-day deliveries, the focus on moving products in and out has never been greater.

    Order pickers, AGV’s, forklifts, and heavy moving equipment, continually transport products from one location to another throughout the warehouse and storage rack systems. Employees concentrate on picking orders and don’t necessarily pay attention to their surroundings, creating potential hazards.

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