SpaceGuard manages its own GSA Schedule GS-07F-9907H which we’ve proudly held since 1999. Controlling our contract allows us to prudently manage the detail and compliance requirements of the U.S. General Services Administration. These prices, available to Federal agencies as well as many other qualifying entities, are pre-negotiated and the most competitive we offer.

    What does that mean to our valued distributors?

    We can work closely with you and your customer on both wire mesh guarding solutions (SIN 361-10B), as well as installation (SIN-361-30).

    You heard that correctly!

    We can bid a turn-key solution through our schedule, while protecting you from outside bids attempting to capitalize on your efforts. SpaceGuard further handles all billing, and guarantees a timely payment of both commissions and installation charges.

    SpaceGuard also offers teaming opportunities through some of our most trusted government distributors. These partners of ours bring the distinct advantage of packaging SpaceGuard’s quality area guarding products with related solutions such as pallet rack, elevated work platforms, modular offices, and much more through their full range schedules.

    Contact our team today at gsa@spaceguardproducts. com to learn more. Already have an open project with the government? Perhaps we can help push it through prior to the end of the fiscal year this September.

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    We are pleased to announce that Eddie Murphy, President of SpaceGuard Products, has been elected to the MHI Roundtable Advisory Committee for a 4-year term.

    MHI Roundtable Advisory Committee
    Eddie Murphy, MHI Roundtable Advisory Committee

    MHI is an international trade association that has represented the Material Handling Industry since 1945. SpaceGuard Products became a member of MHI in 1997 and during that time has participated yearly in either the Promat and MODEX shows. We are, also, a member of the MHI Industry Group, ProGMA (Protective Guarding) Industry Group.

    Members of ProGMA are the Industry’s leading suppliers of fixed protective guarding products designed to protect personnel, equipment, and inventory in industrial facilities. SpaceGuard Products is a Charter Member of ProGMA and Eddie served as the first Chairman during its inception. We continue to work in leadership roles within the Industry group—Ray Niemeyer, Director of Business Development with SGP, is the current active Vice-Chairman.

    SpaceGuard Products Leadership believes in participating in organizations, such as MHI, which promote awareness and education on issues that affect our dealers, and who help drive changes to improve industry standards.

    So, please help us in congratulating Eddie on his election to the MHI Roundtable Advisory Committee. We look forward to what the next 4-years will hold!

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    Tamper Resistant Hardware by Scott Jump

    Tamper Resistant Hardware
    Coach’s Corner with Scott Jump

    You sold a cage to a company requiring extra security due to the requirements of institutions like DEA, Homeland Security, Military, or a Police Department. The requirements ask for “Tamper Resistant” hardware at all connections.

    What does this mean for you and your installers regarding time and material?

    Fortunately, you bought BeastWire!

    With our Break-Away Nuts the installation time over other methods is cut in half (or more). Other methods that require you to have a welder or torch are slow and can pose a potential hazard. Even if you decide to peen the bolts—which your installer will love—it requires more time and has the added risk of injury (smashed fingers & hands).

    With our Break-Away Nuts, the installation is as simple as if you were just attaching on a regular nut. Once the Break-Away Nut is in place, the installer simply runs it down using an impact driver, or drill, or even a socket/ratchet, until the hex head of the Break-Away Nut “snaps” off making a tamper-resistant secure connection. Even the BEAST can’t loosen it!

    There are a lot of reasons why people want the added security, be it sensitive materials, drugs, valuables, weapons, or their prized Hot Wheel collection; whatever the reason we offer an easy, cost-effective solution with our Break-Away Nuts.

    However, when using the Break-Away Nut on a modular system, there is one major drawback. Once the nuts are installed and snapped off, they aren’t easily removed—hence the reason for them.

    To change the layout of your cage, you will need to remove the nuts. To do this, you will need to either cut them off with a cutting tool or use the old vise grip and wrench method, which will wear out your hands and forearms. And not to mention how time-consuming this will be!
    So, unless you don’t plan to change the cage configuration, make certain that you want the Break-Away Nuts on the connections.

    We supply Break-Away Nuts for all our standard bolt sizes 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8, and when used with our BeastWire system they are very simple to install.

    Our standard connections are made using carriage bolts, unlike the angle bolts used in the past and by other manufacturers.

    Now that you have the ammo don’t be afraid to say “Yes” to that high-security cage that your end-user is requesting.

    Now get out there and win them over!

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    Who’s Who At SpaceGuard—Carri Kaplan!

    Carri Kaplan, Customer Service Manager
    Carri Kaplan, Customer Service Manager

    Carri Kaplan—a devoted wife, mother of three, and a life-long resident of Jackson County—has been with the SpaceGuard family for over 6-years. Her career began on the factory floor as the Assistant Floor Supervisor. Later, she advanced to Leader of the Shipping Department and Powder Line. Eventually, Carri moved into the front office to manage the reception desk where she excelled in customer service. As a result, Carri was promoted to Customer Service Manager.

    With her experience in the factory and knowledge of our products, along with her friendly and welcoming demeanor, Carri has become the “go-to” person with many of our dealers and customers.

    Here’s what a few had to say—

     “We were shocked…pleasantly…at how fast Carri responded to our RFQ. And not only did she send us a price, but she also provided a layout and 3D drawing that we were able to pass on to the custome. So they were just as pleasantly surprised as we were.”—Glen Starks, FedSource

     “I want to thank you for following up on this with the freight company and the dispatcher. I know I can always count on you to see to the details.”—Lorraine Dittmer, Superior Support Co.


    If you need a quote and someone who will manage your request from beginning to end, email Carri— She’ll take good care of you!

    Welcome Scott Jump To  A New Role

    Scott Jump joined SpaceGuard in March 2014 as a Customer Service/Account Manager and played an instrumental part in the designing and implementation of our newest product line—BeastWire Mesh GuardingScott Jump, Plant Manager, R&D Manager.

    “We are pleased and excited to announce Scott Jump’s primary role with SpaceGuard Products has grown to now include Manager of R&D and New Product Development.”

    In his new role, Scott will streamline the product installation process and be responsible for innovative designs of all our product lines; such as (drumroll please!)—advanced door hardware and styles. Also, he will collaborate with Ray Niemeyer, Director of Business Development, to assist outside sales with the continual demands of a dynamic marketplace by creating products and solutions that will make selling our brands fun and profitable.

    Another task will include the continuous improvement of our lockers to accommodate the ever-changing requirements in the tenant storage industry. Hint—keep an eye out for our newly enhanced locker shelves!

    For over 15-years, Scott worked in the Fence Industry as an installer all the way up to the owner of his own fence company. This experience provided him with a unique understanding of the entire process from placing an order to completion of a product. As an installer, he appreciates the difficulties that often occur when assembling a product with little or no instructions. As a result, Scott will offer training videos and conference calls providing step-by-step instructions with an emphasis on specialized orders. And it’s not just for installers, but for the sales staff of our dealers, as well. The goal is to increase the understanding of all our product lines with the intent to help grow everyone’s bottom-line.

    Watch out for “Coach’s Corner” every third Thursday of the month where Scott will discuss and demonstrate for you the advantages and benefits of using our brand lines. The first “Coach’s Corner” will post on YouTube, on Thursday, July 20th featuring our new patent-pending Grrripper Bracket.

    Please help us in congratulating Scott on his new role with SpaceGuard Products. We are happy to have him and are excited to discover—with you—his creative, wacky, and unique designs. But don’t worry—Scott’s will still be available to assist in creating approval drawings when needed.

    If you have any issues or ideas that you’d like to discuss with Scott, you can reach him at or by phone at 800.841.0680.