MVS (Most Valuable Supplier) Award for 2018

    SpaceGuard Products has earned the prestigious MVS (Most Valuable Supplier) Award for 2018. The MVS Award is granted by the industry’s trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association), to less than 5% of the Association’s member companies.  This is the second year that SpaceGuard Products has earned the MVS Award. This industry Award recognizes companies who have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to their dealer network, their employees, and their community.

    Qualification for MVS Award

    SpaceGuard Products was required to meet a series of criteria in a number of areas important to the distributor companies who do business with them.  In addition to confirming an on-going commitment to safety and documenting a program that “gives back,” MVS Award winners have demonstrated an overall commitment to business excellence by documenting programs in the following areas:

    • Industry Advocacy
    • Distributor Advocacy
    • Business Networking
    • Continuing Education
    • Business Best Practices

    “On more than one occasion SpaceGuard has responded to my unusual/non-standard application requests. Their customer service group goes to great lengths to provide information that I need to secure orders that are out of the standard offerings. On many occasions, I have received calls from production managers and engineers with product solutions for our clients. SpaceGuard employees are encouraged to think outside the box and provide the extra service that I value.”  —Kenneth L. Booe, Eastern Lift Truck, Sales Manager / Systems Specialist / Southern Region

    About SpaceGuard Products

    SpaceGuard Products is a leading manufacturer of wire mesh partitions and area guarding products including wire mesh storage lockers, rack safety panels, aisle guarding and mezzanine rail guarding. With over a 100 years of product experience, SpaceGuard Products is the most experienced wire company in the market today. All of SpaceGuard products/brands are proudly manufactured in Seymour, Indiana along with all the raw materials purchased locally. We are committed to providing excellent products and service to our dealers and customers. For more information, visit

    “As a member company of MHEDA, we are thankful for being awarded the prestigious MVS Award 2018 for the 2nd year. It’s an honor to be recognized as an Industry Leader. We are committed to business excellence by providing our dealers and customers with products and services in a highly professional and courteous manner. Again, thank you to MHEDA and to our dealers who’ve made it possible for us to display this award as a highly marked achievement.”—Eddie Murphy, President, SpaceGuard Products

    About MHEDA

    The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) is the only national trade association dedicated solely to improving the proficiency of the independent material handling distributor.  MHEDA represents close 650 companies in the material handling equipment business.  Located in suburban Chicago, the association provides services to companies seeking to improve their business through education, networking, benchmarking and best practices.  For more information, visit

    “MHEDA’s MVS Award winners represent a commitment to excellence in managing their business and in providing outstanding support to the distributor,” said Buddy Smith, MHEDA’s 2017 Chairman of the Board and CEO of CMH Services in Columbia, SC.  “MHEDA is proud of all the MVS winners.”

    MHEDA 2018 MVS Awarded to SpaceGuard Products [Press Release]

    Representatives of Shell Office Systems and SpaceGuard Products worked together to collectively supply wire mesh caging to a new Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) at the Naval Air Station near Jacksonville, FL. The three cages will secure mobile shelving units for several departments.

    This order was the first for Shell Office Systems as a SpaceGuard distributor, and a first wire mesh caging project for its in-house installation team.

    SpaceGuard’s engineering team scheduled a meeting with both sales and installation representatives from Shell Office 2 weeks before the materials delivered to the job site.

    The meeting, held virtually via Citrix’s GoTo Meeting platform, covered everything required to receive and install the product, including a review of the packing slip, how the materials were to be packaged, the hardware included, and detail of every step from the first bolt connection to the final anchor in the floor.

    Careful consideration was given to explain the slide gates and locks and how to install the various components involved. The goal was to spend 30-45 minutes on the meeting, with the intention to save several hours of confusion, unnecessary staging, and rework during the installation.

    Scott Jump, Product and Sales Engineer spearheads the scheduling and training involved. “Look, I’m a guy, and I’ll admit I don’t always read instructions until I get stuck. Our intention with this new offering is to provide tips and tricks to get your installers off the job site quickly while ensuring the installation is efficient and built as designed. We can scale the level of detail involved by project, per customer.”

    Robert Shell, who was introduced to SpaceGuard Products through the International Systems Dealer Association (ISDA Network) to which his company belongs, “As a business executive and salesman, it was refreshing to know that I could turn my attention forward to the next job, confident that my installers were well prepared to work with a new product. My team of installers was able to knock this installation out quicker than expected and without any problems. It’s a testament to the dedication that still exists with suppliers like SpaceGuard.”

    If you are interested in participating in a preinstallation meeting, please notify your customer service representative when placing your order, and they will coordinate the meeting prior to installation.

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    It’s a hot summer’s day, and you check-in on an install for one of your best customers. They ordered a BeastWire Tool Cage. And of course, you hired the best installers because it’s important that everything goes as seamless as possible.

    After signing in at the front desk, your customer hears your there and he flies around the corner, red in the face with his eyebrows curled together. He spits every other word as he screams.

    The installers assembled the door on the wrong side. He reminds you that he specifically said the access door needed to swing out and hinge on the left. The “blanketly, blank” installers you hired installed the door swinging in and on the right! He wants to know what you plan to do to fix it.

    “And, I won’t pay for another door! That’s on you!”

    You remain calm. You sold your customer a BeastWire cage with a universal door. You ask him to give you five minutes to speak with the install crew, and you assure him it’ll be taken care of in no time.

    “Five minutes that’s all you’ve got!” He pivots on his heels and takes off down the hallway.

    After talking with the installers, they immediately unbolt the door assembly, flip the door around and then re-bolt the hinged door on the left and set it to swing-out.

    A few minutes later after straightening your tie, you swagger into your customer’s office standing taller, and with arms stretched out you burst with, “All fixed!”

    You become a hero. You can do no wrong. Life is good again. You make salesman of the year and move to Bali! All because you ordered BeastWire with a universal door that can swing in or out and hinge left or right. You felt confident that if there were any problems, your installers could fix it on the spot.

    And you were right! Yeah to you!

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    GSA Teaming

    Representatives of Robinson Steel Company and SpaceGuard Products worked together to collectively supply wire mesh caging to the Marine Coatings and Corrosion Facility within the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Philadelphia. Three new caged areas were required to be built starting with some existing cage material on site.

    The customer required materials to be sold on SpaceGuard’s GSA Schedule, GS-07F-9907H to ensure the most competitive price available using pre-negotiated terms with US General Services Administration.

    To comply, SpaceGuard and Robinson Steel developed a comprehensive design that incorporated all standard sized (and therefore stocked) materials allowing the bid to qualify for GSA pricing, absent of any open market items.

    Robinson Steel’s proximity to the customer allowed for field verification which ended up saving both parties. There were several building columns and a plate on the floor that would have been impacted by the initial design. SpaceGuard’s engineers revised the drawings to account for these issues before RSC submitted the bid.

    “The SpaceGuard team offers the best solution for my customer’s needs and always provides us with layouts we can use with our quotes,” commented Zielger when asked about working with SpaceGuard, “this makes the sale a little easier and allows the customer to see these solutions in a professional drawing.”

    It was also determined during that same site visit that delivery via truckload would have caused several problems because. The material was instead delivered to Robinson Steel’s local warehouse, broken down, and hand delivered to the site by its installers.

    “There is nothing quite as important as having a local presence on these jobs as there so often are details that aren’t captured on prints or written requests. And in some cases, (like the NSWC project), having local warehousing space can make the difference between a good and rocky start to an installation,” commented Eddie, President of SpaceGuard Products.

    Once field verified and revisions completed, the order was processed through the Federal procurement system with shipments and invoicing tracked through the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) information system.

    Materials were successfully delivered and installed by Robinson Steel’s installation team, and SpaceGuard promptly processed payment for installation plus distributor commissions.

    In the three months since this first successful installation, Robinson Steel and SpaceGuard have been called back out to quote three other projects in various facilities within the NSWC Philadelphia.

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    BeastWire Rack Safety Panels

    ”Here’s the deal: we landed the project, but the customer MUST have this installed by the end of the week—No compromises!”

    Those were the final words our supervisor said to all of us on the installation team as we loaded up our tools. We looked around nervously wondering how we would be able to meet the deadline knowing we had to install multiple wire mesh cages, 15 tenant storage lockers, and an entire warehouse full of BeastWire rack safety panel systems.

    It was us against the clock. Our install crew unloaded all of the crated items within an hour, and we began staging materials for the day. As what appeared to be miles worth of wire mesh panels began to be laid out in front of me, I wondered how many extra hands we’d need to accomplish this near-impossible feat. Right at that time, our lead engineer brought me the installation manuals for a brand called: “Beast Wire Mesh:’ Since this was our first time with the “Beast” products, we didn’t know what to expect.

    We wrapped up the entire project in two days. When our crew pulled into the office on the third day instead of heading to the job site, our supervisor looked confused.

    As our crew looked through the installation instructions, we were relieved to see how simple the systems installed. The wire cages use universal hardware, posts, and panels as if they designed the brand specifically for the installer. The lockers didn’t require any self-tap screws or cutting of wires – talk about a lifesaver! Installation of these two would be a breeze, but what about the miles of pallet rack protection we had to tackle?

    Our fears were put to rest within minutes as the BeastWire rack safety panel systems were the easiest we’ve ever installed! The panels are all fully framed, and they use a revolutionary drop-pin which saved us. To start, we attached all of the brackets to the panels which took our guys roughly 30 minutes to complete. The real beauty of the BEAST is that it uses a rivet and a drop-pin. All we had to do was have one person hold the panels in place while the other popped in the rivet and drop-pin. The unique design of the Gripper Brackets saves time when installing while also adding a level of safety as the drop-pins won’t disengage from the rack upon impact. Talk about an upgrade from safety netting!

    We wrapped up the entire project in two days. When our crew pulled into the office on the third day instead of heading to the job site, our supervisor looked confused. Before he could even ask, I told him that the job was done. He laughed and replied, “yeah right … you guys and what army?” Calmly I turned and said, “Our crew, plus, the BEAST.”

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