Since March, this Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, and in many ways, the landscape of our country has become unrecognizable. Five months later, and many people are still unemployed, while small companies continue to struggle.

    Fortunately, SpaceGuard Products has been blessed. We have remained in business and, thankfully, have not laid off any employees.

    “And, to show our appreciation, we gifted four 3×5 plexiglass partitions on wheels to our friends at Special Dogs and More in Columbus, Indiana,” said Eddie Murphy, President of SpaceGuard Products. “We did this to help them increase their seating capacity, which has caused business to be turned away from this amazing restaurant.”

    These partitions offer adequate protection for social distancing, and customers are encouraged to draw on them as well with dry-erase markers. Children are in love with the idea!

    “The partitions are helping. We have had more people eat inside this past week than in weeks before. Customers are taking advantage of the dry erase markers and drawing some awesome pictures on the boards, which is pretty cool.”—Special Dogs Facebook Post

    Special Dogs and More opened in October 2017 with the mission to “employ and train those with mental, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.” Their goal is to help those who have been described as unemployable become employable, all while providing the best hotdogs, burgers, tenderloins, and corndogs around. And we believe they are accomplishing their mission!

    Recently, the restaurant had its bi-annual health inspection and was told by the health inspector they are doing everything right. They provide face shields for employees and offer the right amount of seating based on social distancing and the size of their restaurant. Oh, and by the way—the health inspector loved the plexiglass partitions!

    When you’re ready to dine in a restaurant again, keep Special Dogs and More in mind. They will be prepared to serve you with a smile, and don’t forget while you’re there to draw a picture for them on the plexiglass partitions. Also, they offer outside seating and take-out as well.

    Commando Lock

    SpaceGuard Products is excited to announce that we now offer the Military Grade Commando Lock which is used by the US Armed Forces worldwide. They are made in the USA and fit almost 95% of all applications.

    Commando Locks contain 10 security pins with the industry-leading anti-pick technology making them hard to pick. Also, they are constructed with steel alloy which means they are hard to cut.

    When compared to local hardware stores, Commando Locks are competitively priced and can be keyed at any hardware location.

    Make sure to ask for the Commando Lock on your next SpaceGuard Products cage or locker order! Contact us for a free quote.

    Download a Commando Lock Brochure

    SpaceGuard Products is a U.S. manufacturer of modular fencing products used for numerous area guarding and secure storage solutions. Offering both pre-engineered and custom products in a wide variety of woven, welded, and expanded metal meshes, SpaceGuard prides itself on creating value through superior customer service and a commitment to delivering the highest quality product on the market.

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    With our constant need for instant gratification, the way the world buys products is constantly changing. From downloading books directly to a Kindle or an iPad to Amazon testing drones to deliver goods within 20-minutes of ordering online in the UK, consumer expectations are evolving. We want what we want, and we want it now.

    But how does this impact warehouses and manufacturing plants?

    Currently, scientists have not been able to create more hours in the day – although who knows what the future holds. Remember the day when pausing live TV didn’t exist?


    BeastWire Rack to protect forklift paths

    Even on slow days, warehouses and manufacturing plants are active and dynamic places. With the demand for next-day deliveries, the focus on moving products in and out has never been greater.

    Order pickers, AGV’s, forklifts, and heavy moving equipment, continually transport products from one location to another throughout the warehouse and storage rack systems. Employees concentrate on picking orders and don’t necessarily pay attention to their surroundings, creating potential hazards.

    READ MORE: Facility Safety Management, November 2019 Issue, pg. 26